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Certified Web3 Security Professional

The Certified Web3 Security Professional (CW3SP) is a prestigious program that signifies expertise and knowledge in the field of security within the Web3 & Ethereum’s Smart Contract Ecosystem.
A Certified Web 3.0 Security Professional is an individual who has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the security principles, practices, and technologies specific to web 3.0 certification course. They possess the necessary skills to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks in decentralized applications (DApps), blockchain platforms, smart contracts, and other web3 certification course systems.
This program typically includes theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and hands-on experience with Best Coding Practices for robust coding.
The Training Program Enlightens the individuals for the Smart Contract Security Auditing and Various Types of security risks that can arise if security is not intact.


➔ 50+ Labs

➔ Real time Scenarios

➔ 18+ Hours of Learnings

➔ Setting up for real time

➔ Test Money

➔ Test Deployment

➔ 20+ Real Time Attacks

➔ Manual Vulnerability Assessment of Smart Contracts

➔ Real-World Assessment

About Course

Course Summary

➔ 18+ Hours of Learning

➔ Fundamentals To optimization Focused

➔ Self Learning Pre Recorded Videos

➔ Trainer Support for 90 Days.

➔ Life Time Access

➔ 50+ Lab Exercises

Exam Pattern

➔ 100 MCQ Question

➔ Passing Score: 60% (60 out of 100)

➔ Duration: 2 Hours or 120 Minutes

➔ Exam Venue: Online

Certified Web3 Security Professional

Welcome to Securium Solutions CW3SP (Certified Web3 Security Professional) program, designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive roadmap to start their journey in web 3.0 certified training . This program is specifically tailored to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the rapidly evolving world of decentralized applications (dApps), blockchain technologies, and smart contracts. In this guide, we will outline the content covered in the CW3SP program, ensuring you have a solid foundation to thrive in the web 3.0 security domain.

Tools Covered

Complete Course Outline

1. It covers the Fundamentals of Web 3.0 includes Introduction to Blockchain Technology

2. Cryptography Fundamentals

3. Block Chain Architecture & Terminologies

4. Consensus Algorithms

5. Ethereum & Its Standards

6. Smart Contracts

  1. It covers what is Solidity and its Headers along with the  Structure of a Contract

  2. State Variables

  3. Functions

  4. Visibility

  5. Control Structures

  6. Loops

  7. Reference Types

  8. Mapping

  9. Global Variables

In this module we have discussed about various Functions and Vulnerable calls that solidity can make between the contracts such as:

1. Fallback

2. Smart Contract Upgrades

3. Gas Limit Issues

4. Malicious Library Attacks

5. Dependency Attacks

6. Access Control Attacks

7. Storage Issues

8. Authentication Issues.

Optimization at its best always with the smart Contract’s of Ethereum.

Various Optimization Techniques of GAS Values, some of the techniques to mention are:

1. Usage of Storage instead memory

2.Zero Addresses

3. Name Optimization

4. Bitwise Equivalents

5. Immutability.

Who can Learn CW3SP?

The Web 3.0 Certificate Course offered by Securium Academy is designed for individuals seeking to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in the rapidly evolving field of Web 3.0 technologies and security. This course is carefully crafted to provide participants with a deep understanding of the next generation of the internet and how it impacts various industries, businesses, and individuals.

Web 2.0 Security Engineer

Product Security Engineer

Web3 Legal Consultant

Smart Contract Auditor

Web3 Security Engineer

Application Security Engineer

Vulnerability Assessment Analyst

Web3 Project Manager

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Blockchain Architect

IT Security Administrator

Security Administrator

Why Securium?

Securium has its focus on Traditional Penetration Testing and Learnings for the Past 5 Years. It is time to Guide our Followers and Candidates to the Higher Stance where the demand meets the right skilled people at the right time. Securium’s foreseeing capability helps others to learn New things in a better way and this time it is Web 3.0 course online.

Our Below mentioned Stats proved that we are best in the business.

More than 500+ Corporate batches

More than 3500 Individuals

25+ Countries around the Globe

15+ Certified Trainers.


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