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Offensive Security PEN-300 and the OSCP Certification

When it comes to OSCP PEN 300 Certification Training, it is basically an advanced Pentesting Training that covers all the latest concepts in demand. Pursuing the course from Securium Solutions can help you learn all about the Breaching defenses and Evasion techniques from experienced professionals in our team. Being the authorized partner of Offensive Security, we cover all the concepts related to the respective course so that you can gain significantly from it and proceed ahead with several opportunities.

OSCP PEN 300 Certification Training: Overview

Pursuing the Offensive Security PEN-300 course can help you have complete clarity about the different concepts related to Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defences. It is basically a concept that comes in advanced Penetration testing certification training and paves the for you to have better opportunities ahead. We have the best in-house team of resources and faculty to help you with the course. Our course can help you have a complete understanding of concepts that includes techniques and tactics in the domain of Kali Linux Penetration testing, customized security function for grown enterprises, and more. The best part of pursuing the course with us is that you can have the same covered at your convenience and needs. It can help you prepare for the OSCP PEN 300 Certification Training and get it cleared on the first attempt itself.

Highlights of pen 300 course and the OSEP Certification

With our Pen-300 and OSEP certification, you are going to be benefited from the professional service. You get highly skilled and qualified professionals to assist you with your tutoring needs. You can pursue the same at your convenience anytime and from any location. You can download the course material as and when you are registered with us, which can help you get to training whenever you are thinking about pursuing the same.

OSEP and the pen 300 course Modules

    ✎ Module 01: Operating System and Programming Theory
    ✎ Module 02: Client-Side Code Execution With Office
    ✎ Module 03: Client-Side Code Execution With Jscript
    ✎ Module 04: Process Injection and Migration
    ✎ Module 05: Introduction to Antivirus Evasion
    ✎ Module 06: Advanced Antivirus Evasion
    ✎ Module 07: Application Whitelisting
    ✎Module 08: Bypassing Network Filters
    ✎Module 09: Linux Post-Exploitation
    ✎Module 10: Kiosk Breakouts
    ✎Module 11: Windows Credentials
    ✎Module 12: Windows Lateral Movement
    ✎Module 13: Linux Lateral Movement
    ✎Module 14: Microsoft SQL Attacks
    ✎Module 15: Active Directory Exploitation
    ✎Module 16: Combining the Pieces
    ✎Module 17: Trying Harder: The Labs

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OSEP pen 300 course Description

Below are all the certification-related details that you must know before you proceed ahead with the course:

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