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Online network plus certification Course

The CompTIA network+ certification Training Course provided by Securium Solutions is entry-level guidance for IT experts that assists them to avail all the required skills to maintain, manage, install, troubleshoot, and configure basic computer networks. The demand for Networking experts is rising constantly. Network+ certification from CompTIA is one of the most preferred credentials in today’s market by IT professionals.

CompTIA network+ certification Highlights

  • Establishing a functional network
  • Ensure that network device is correctly configured, managed, and maintained
  • Create resilient networks by segmenting network traffic using devices such as switches and routers
  • Compare existing network configurations and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Establish standards, protocols, and security for the network
  • Problems with the network should be resolved
  • Creating virtual networks is supported

CompTIA Network+ Certification Course Description

When it comes to CompTIA network+ certification Training, it enhances your networking skills and helps you avail hands-on practical know-how, ensuring that the experts are well prepared to manage challenging networking problems. Nowadays, there are several employers opting for CompTIA Network+ Certification that helps one have basic networking skills that are applicable all across the world in different sectors. Our course focuses on the latest methodologies and trends that support performance and connectivity. In this certification, IT professionals will be able to prove their expertise in the management, maintenance, troubleshooting, installation, and configuration of basic computer networks. Network Plus Training offers more than just standalone value. A range of in-demand IT credentials is available upon certification. Several certification bodies, including Novell, Cisco, and HP, include the Network+ certification in their career certification tracks. Microsoft also included the certification in their Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) program. Below mentioned are a few of the skills that you learn with our Network+ Certification course, take a look:

CompTIA Network+ Certification Course Content

The CompTIA network+ certification Training authenticates your skills and knowledge of managing, installing, and troubleshooting networks on different platforms. This Network Plus Training is designed to assist you to learn all the required objectives to avail of the CompTIA Network+ certification. You will get to learn the different networks and networking protocols, advanced networking technologies accessible, DNS concepts, identify VPN and VLAN attributes and imply wireless networks.

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Network Plus Training Course Objectives

Successful completion of the CompTIA Network certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:
  • Understanding the uses and objective of protocols and ports
  • Understanding applications protocols, devices, and services on their relevant OSI layers
  • Implementing the relevant wireless configurations and technologies
  • Assessing the use cases for advanced networking systems
  • Understanding the different types of networking attacks
  • Acknowledging the concepts and characteristics of switching and routing
  • Understanding appropriate IP address configuration
  • Understanding types and technologies of network topologies

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