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WhatsApp Ban

In April, WhatsApp banned 74 lakh bad accounts in India

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has reported a significant crackdown on bad accounts in India during April, in compliance with the new IT Rules 2021. The Whats’aap banned a record-breaking 7.4 million accounts, with 2.5 million of them being proactively banned before any user reports were received, according to WhatsApp’s monthly compliance report.

As the most popular messaging platform in the country, boasting nearly 500 million users, WhatsApp faced a deluge of 4,377 complaint reports in April alone. Out of these reports, the company took action on 234 cases, underscoring its commitment to addressing user concerns and ensuring a safer digital space. A spokesperson for WhatsApp highlighted that the user-safety report provides comprehensive insights into the nature of user complaints, the corresponding actions taken by WhatsApp, and the platform’s proactive measures to combat abuse and misinformation.

During the same period, WhatsApp received two orders from the Grievance Appellate Committee, both of which were promptly complied with. This committee, recently launched by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State for Electronics and IT, serves as a platform for Indian social media users to voice their grievances and appeal decisions made by social media platforms. This move is part of a broader initiative to fortify the nation’s digital laws and establish stronger oversight of Big Tech companies, fostering an environment that prioritizes user rights and accountability.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Electronics and IT has introduced crucial amendments aimed at protecting the rights of “Digital Nagriks,” referring to digital citizens. These amendments seek to promote an open, safe, trusted, and accountable internet ecosystem, empowering individuals and instilling confidence in their online interactions.

WhatsApp’s resolute actions against bad accounts and its commitment to complying with regulatory frameworks reflect the growing emphasis on maintaining user safety and ensuring responsible digital practices. With ongoing efforts to strengthen the digital landscape, India is taking proactive steps to safeguard its citizens and shape a more secure online environment.

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