OSCP WEB 300 Certification Training

Securium Academy is providing real oscp web 300 certification training in India and UAE with the most elite training staff in information security with the aid of a primetime course content powered by Offensive Security, the high-profile powerhouse in cyber security and penetration testing. Additionally, the genuine VAPT, also known as the Pentesting Course of OSCP Certification in India and UAE, is taught using a certified curriculum that has been carefully examined and approved by Offensive Security, New York, USA. Therefore, don’t hesitate and sign up right now for the future India and UAE batches of this essential OSCP Certification.

Offensive Security WEB-300 and the OSWE Certification

Are you looking to pursue a Offensive security web 300 course? You have certainly landed on the right page. Registering with us for the respective course, you get to learn at your own pace and convenience. Being the authorized partner of Offensive Security certification, you can trust us and get yourself prepared for the respective certification in the best possible manner. We ensure that you are assisted with the best facilities and resources to help you complete the course without any difficulty. Our skilled instructors can assist you in completing the courses without any hassle and ensure that you are able to clear the exam on the first attempt.

Offensive Security WEB 300 Certification: Overview

Securium Academy ensure that all the concepts related to the respective course are shared with the learners so that they can benefit from it in the long term. Our courses have been designed by experts in the respective field, and we have tutors who are ready to help the learners as per their needs and requirements. During the time of training, we ensure that the curriculum covers all the latest market needs and demands. So, you can have a great chance with us to clear your oscp web 300 certification training on the first attempt, which can pave the way for the best opportunities ahead.

This Web attacks and exploitation or Web-300 course is basically a level-up of the web application security course from the domain of Offensive Security. Our experienced professionals ensure that all the bases are covered related to it, which can help you get the skills required to perform white box website application penetration tests and be ahead of the cyber attackers.

Not only this, in the year, the respective course was also updated with new modules that assisted many in fulfilling the latest demands of the market. The content was updated with an understanding of the new machines and unique views that can help you crack the exams on the first attempt and enhance the chances of getting better opportunities in the time to come. You eventually learn how to keep the web application secure through Pentesting techniques.

web 300 offensive security and the OSWE Certification: Prerequisites

To sit for the Web-300 and OSCP Web 300 exam, you need to first match the prerequisites as specified below. Check it out:

  • You must have a good understanding of at least one of the programming languages.
  • You must have a complete understanding of Linux OS.
  • You must have experience in preparing Perl or Python or PHP or Bash scripts.
  • You need to have a proper understanding of web proxies.
  • You must have general know-how of web app attack theory, vectors, and practice.
Offensive Security PEN-300 and the OSCP Certification

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    WEB-300 and the OSWE Course Content

    OSCP Web 300 exam Details

    Below are the details that you need to know about the OSWE Certification and the OSCP Web 300 exam. Check it out:

    1. Online lab preparation.
    2. Proctored
    3. 48-hour exam

    Choose the Learning Mode that You Prefer.

    Online Training Class

    Additionally, prepared video sessions are an option that is accessible at any time from any specific location.

    Corporate Training

    Employ a preferred trainer at your workplace at your desired time slots to effectively train your staff.

    WEB-300 OSWE Course Description

    Below are all the details related to the Web-300 OSWE course that you must know about before proceeding ahead. Check it out

    Skills You Will Add With The Course

    Below are the competencies you are going to avail of with the respective course. Take a look:

    1. You learn to perform advanced web application source code assessment steps.
    2. You also learn to write scripts, analyse codes, and identify web app vulnerabilities.
    3. You get to know how to perform different steps that can stop attacks with the use of different vulnerabilities.
    4. You understand the steps that can help you acknowledge different ways of beating web vulnerabilities.

    Benefits You Get With WEB-300 OSWE Certification

    Below are the benefits that you get with Offensive security web 300 certification. Check it out:

    1. It helps you learn more about in-depth assessment of web application source code.
    2. It helps you identify logical vulnerabilities that can keep your company ahead of cyber attackers.
    3. It helps you get complete know-how of how to integrate logical vulnerabilities as evidence to secure web applications.
    4. You learn to get the vulnerabilities manipulated to keep the attackers at bay.

    Who should do WEB-300 and the OSWE Certification?

    1. Proficient pen testers who want to understand white box web app penetration testing nicely.
    2. Current Web application security specialists.
    3. Web experts function with the codebase and security infrastructure of a web application.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can consider connecting with our experts as and when you desire to as per your convenience and get complete support related to it. We ensure that you are assisted with a quick response regarding your queries related to the respective course.

    If you have any queries related to the reporting requirements, then you can always connect with the experts at Securium Academy and get all the support you need.

    Below are the two ways in which you can get your CPE points needs covered. Take a look:

    You get 40 CPE points automatically if you clear the OSWE examination. You might need to submit the same all by yourself using the ISC2 member’s site.

    If you have not cleared the exam, then you can ask the authorities to review the papers again. The challenge can assist you in getting qualified for the CPE points. If the audit helps you clear the exams, then certainly you are going to be benefited from CPE points.

    If you desire to know all about the course code system of the Offensive Security course, then you can always consider connecting with the experts at Securium Academy.

    You can always reach out to the experts at Securium Solutions and get a complete understanding of the syllabus for all the courses in Offensive Security.

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