Offensive Security Pentesting PEN100 | WEB100 | SOC100

Offensive Security PEN-100 Certification Training programs provided by Securium Academy can help you have all the concepts clear that can not only assist you in clearing your exams but also help you avail better opportunities ahead. Our Offensive Security Pentesting program covers all the latest market needs and helps you get prepared with the 100-level topics that can enhance your cyber security skills and give you a great platform to have a successful career.

Modules Covered In Offensive Security Fundamentals Courses

We have all the prospects covered in our Offensive Security PEN-100 Certification Training. Securium Solutions has the best trainers and mentors in their team who are skilled and certified in the respective domain and have experience in assisting many students in getting certified in their respective fields. You can trust us for your Offensive security PEN 100 course and help you get prepared for the jobs ahead that can pave the way for even better opportunities.

Offensive Security PEN-100

In this Offensive security PEN 100 module, you get to learn more about concepts related to cryptography, web applications, shells, and more. This course is going to help you learn more about the technologies that include Metasploit, bash scripting, Antivirus Evasion, Buffer Overflow, and more.

Offensive Security SOC-100

In this module of soc 100 offensive security (Security Operations and Defensive Analysis), you learn more about the concepts related to SOC administration procedures, Windows logging, enterprise architecture, and more.

Offensive Security WEB-100

In this module of Offensive Security WEB-100, you are going to learn more about the concepts related to technical prospects, which include web attacker procedure, secure coding, input validation, and more. Not only this, but it also assists you in learning more about the OWASP TOP 10 concepts that, include Server Site Request Forgery, Injection, Security Misconfigurations, Broken Access Control, Cryptographic Failures, and more.

Offensive Security Learn Fundamentals Key Features

Below are the features that make our Offensive Security programs best in consideration to help you crack your exams.

  1. With our program, you get study material that can be accessed from any part of the world and as per your convenience.
  2. You can consider taking mock tests that can help you get prepared for the certification exams and enhance your chances of clearance on the first attempt.
  3. It assists you in having qualified and experienced tutors at your service to help you have your courses completed.
  4. We ensure that you are going to get certified in the offensive security program that can pave the way for you to have an excellent opportunity ahead.
Offensive Security PEN-300 and the OSCP Certification

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When it comes to the Offensive Security PEN-100 Certification Training, it is a program that is going to help you get a complete understanding of the fundamentals related to penetration testing. It helps you learn about penetration testing from the grassroots levels, which can help you proceed ahead.

    The Offensive security PEN 100 training in India  course has a duration of 1 year, but overall the course is going to last for 60 hours under the view of professional trainers and faculty with years of experience. They ensure that you are able to get hold of the entire module within the given duration.

    The OSCP training is going to be completed within 60 hours of professional training and you can have our experts to help you as per your convenience.
    You can always connect with us and get complete knowledge of the expense that you might have to cover to pursue the respective certification training. With us, you are always going to be benefited from affordable courses.
    It completely varies from one place to another. It also depends on the organization and how your interview goes. But, on an Indian scale, you can earn around ₹7,90,000/- per year after OSCP certification.