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EC-Council ECIH v2 Training and Certification Course

Securium Academy offers the comprehensive EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) program, equipping you with essential skills to effectively manage and respond to computer security incidents in information systems. Our training covers core principles and cutting-edge techniques for detecting and addressing evolving security threats. Gain the expertise to develop robust incident handling and response policies, while mastering the handling of diverse computer security incidents. Prepare for the ECIH exam and elevate your capabilities in the dynamic field of incident response. Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to safeguard information systems from potential cyber threats.

ECIH v2 Certification Highlights

  • A systematic approach to addressing cyber-incidents that affect individuals and organizations.
  • Reinstate daily operations and reduce the negative impact on business operations.
  • The incident is minimized in terms of loss and the consequences afterward.
  • Assigning security policies with efficacy and maintaining service quality at agreed levels is a critical skill.
  • Counteract and recover from an attack.
  • Boosting the employability of individuals by improving incident handling skills.

ECIH v2 Course Description

Certified Incident Handler (ECIH v2) Certification and Training is created to provide organizations with the skills and knowledge needed to manage post-breach consequences, and thereby reduce the financial and reputational consequences of an incident. EC-Council developed a fundamental, standards-based, comprehensive, intensive 3-day training program and ECIH Certification that provides a structured way to learn real-world incident handling and response requirements by reviewing Job Task Analysis (JTA).

Certified Incident Handler (ECIH v2) Certification and Training required pursuing incident handling and response as a career that includes both imparting conceptual information and field experience. Lab exercises are part of the incident handler training program for the program. The core of any certification must map to and be compliant with published frameworks of incident and response by government and industry to be truly employable after earning the ECIH Certification.

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CREST and NICE 2.0 Frameworks are 100% compliant with the CREST Framework and NICE 2.0 Framework, respectively

The CIH program allows you to use over 50 labs, 800 tools, and four operating systems

Our extensive assortment of templates, checklists, and cheat sheets can help you prepare for almost any situation.

In this certification program, you get benefited from the real-time experience of all the situations you might have to deal with. This helps you become job-ready right from the time of training itself. applications.

Another major attribute you get with the training program is that you learn how to make use of risk assessment methodologies and prevent any kind of vulnerabilities in the future.

With the assistance of this specific program, you get completely prepared for exams and enhance the chances of clearing the same comfortably.

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ECIH v2 Training Objectives

Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the key issues in information security
  • Understand the different types and consequences of cybersecurity threats, the attack vectors, and the threat actors’ motivations
  • Identify the signs and costs of incidents and learn the fundamentals of incident management
  • Become familiar with vulnerability management, threat assessment, risk management, and incident response automation and orchestration.
  • Become proficient with all incident handling and response practices, standards, cybersecurity frameworks, laws, acts, and regulations
  • Plan and implement an incident response program by identifying the different steps involved
  • Learn the basic concepts of computer forensics and forensic readiness
  • Cybersecurity incident cover-ups can be detected by using anti-forensics techniques employed by attackers
  • Use effective methods of addressing different types of cybersecurity incidents, such as malware attacks, email security incidents, network attacks, web application attacks, cloud attacks, and insider threats
  • Knowledge of the first response procedure including evidence collection, packaging, transportation, storing, data acquisition, volatile and static evidence collection, and evidence analysis.

ECIH v2 Exam Information

This exam test is designed to assess cybersecurity professionals knowledge and skills as they relate to Certified Incident Handler (ECIH v2) Certification and Training.

  • Exam Title: EC-Council Certified Incident Handler
  • Exam Code: 212-89
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal
  • Test Format: Multiple-Choice

The EC-Council Exams are provided in multiple formats (i.e. different question banks) to maintain the integrity of our ECIH Certification exams.

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ECIH v2 Course Content

To be really employable after acquiring the ECIH certification, the core of any certification must map to and be compatible with established frameworks of incident and response by government and industry. Security events must be handled and reacted to appropriately for a company to be safeguarded against future attacks or threats, thus they hire someone with an incident handler certification.

Our ECIH v2 certification has it all covered. You can be a part of it without having to think about the pricing as well. We are providing ECIH v2 certifications with the modules covering the latest concepts and that too at very reasonable rates. Our ethical hacking course fees are very low so that you study the same without thinking twice.

In this section of certification, you get to learn about what is Incident handling response in detail. You get a proper understanding of different aspects related to a computer security incident, security attacks, Data classification levels, and a lot more.

As the name of the module suggests, here, you are going to get a better understanding of the process followed in terms of incident handling and response. Here you learn about the different processes followed to assess security breaches, symptoms of the same, and many more such scenarios.

In this domain of the ECIH v2 training program, you get a better understanding of what computer forensics is and how it helps you assess the different types of risks that can harm the IT infrastructure in the future.

As the module name suggests, you get to learn more about the ways to handle different types of malware attack-related incidents. You get to know how you can manage these situations to perfection.

You learn how to manage any kind of issues you face in the form of email security-related incidents and what are the best ways to manage the same in the respective module of ECIH v2 certification.

In this segment of the ECIH v2 certification program, you get to learn the different methodologies that need to be followed to manage and counter any kind of upcoming network security issues and incidents.

This module helps you get a complete understanding of the different techniques, tools, and steps to be followed while experiencing any kind of web application security breach.

In this module, you get to learn more about the techniques and technology used to manage and respond to different types of cloud security issues. It helps you remain prepared to counter any kind of attack on cloud security.

This module of the ECIH v2 certification program helps you get a brief understanding of the ways, techniques, and methodologies to be followed to deal with insider threats.