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Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification

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Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification
Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification
Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification
Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification

(CISSO)Certified Information Systems Security Officer Training

Certified Information Systems Security Officer Training (CISSO) by Mile 2 covers a wide range of elements across different career paths and employment opportunities in the IT industry. This program is ideal for experienced safety practitioners in management and leadership positions. It can also be pursued by experienced safety analysts and engineers. If you are looking to pursue CISSO Certification, do not hesitate and reach out to Securium Solutions now!

CISSO Certification Training Features

  • Training by certified SMEs
  • Implementation focused training
  • Certification based curriculum
  • Global employability centric
  • 40 Hours Course

CISSO Certification and Training Description

As part of the CISSO Certification & Training program, you acquire practical knowledge of various aspects of the infosec community. Online CISSO training will teach you how to secure assets, monitor assets, and adhere to data security policies. Our 40-hours instructor-led online training and certification Bootcamp targets Managers, engineers, auditors, and security professionals who want to improve their skills and learn the latest technologies.

To achieve Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSO), you will need at least one year of cumulative paid relevant work experience in two or more related areas to obtain this certification. It itself seems to be an advanced certification that requires two relevant years of further experience in occupational niche areas. In case you want an accredited cybersecurity course in IT, look no further than a certified information systems security officer. You will gain practical knowledge regarding a range of aspects in the INFOSEC community as part of the Online CISSO Training program. It will teach you how to secure assets, monitor them, and comply with data security policies. Take a look at the benefits of the Certified Information Systems Security Officer Training (CISSO)

A Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSO) certification is valued and respected by employers. As a result, it commands a premium salary.

There is substantial demand for this course that outpaces the number of qualified officers with credentials. An information system security officer certification concentration (CISSO-ISSMP for Management, CISSO-ISSEP for Engineers, and CISSO-ISSAP for Architects) further enhances your career prospects.

The verification of your experience and character must be provided by an existing credential holder. The credential holder is required to fulfill 120 credits of continuing education over three years to maintain certification.

The best part of getting CISSO certification is that you end up with a lot better compensation when compared to other industries. The salary gets better with more experience and knowledge in the respective domain.

With CISSO certification, you get an opportunity to remain on top of all cybersecurity trends. You cover all the aspects related to cybersecurity while pursuing this online program. So, you remain updated with the market and enhance the chances of better opportunities.

Another major advantage of pursuing Certified Information Systems Security Officer Training (CISSO) of study is availing credibility to take more responsibilities in terms of keeping the organization safe and secure from all kinds of threats and vulnerabilities.

CISSO Training Course Content

CISSO Certification Training is providing the learners with a comprehensive understanding in terms of the information security domain. This CISSO training covers important areas in the form of project management, policy setting, executive strategy, contract management, audit management, and financial expertise. Take a look at the outline below:

In this module, you get to learn about the value of an asset, the source of the threat or risk, what is the threat and vulnerability, and more. You get to learn about hidden vulnerabilities and the impact of the same, and a lot more.

With this module of Information System Security Officer Certification, you get to learn about Enterprise Security Program, how to build a foundation, strategizing horizon elements, and enterprise security program components, and a lot more.

In this module, you get to better knowledge of the aspects like Access Control Methodology and Administration, Strong Authentication, Authentication Mechanisms, Access Criteria, Authorization, Fraud Controls, and a lot more.

When you are pursuing the course of CISSO, you get to learn more about different roles of Access Control, Access Control Mechanism Examples, Layers of Access Control, Preventive Control Types, Control Combinations, Access Control Characteristics, Administrative Controls, and more in this module.

This module covers helps you learn more about System Protection-Trusted Computing Base, Reference Monitor Security, Kernel Requirements, Security Modes of Operation, and a lot more.

In this module, you get to understand different aspects of Operations Issues, Role of Operations, Administrator Access, Computer Operations, Security Administrator, Systems Administrators, Audit and Compliance, Operational Assurance, and more.

The module of vulnerability assessments helps you get proper knowledge of Cryptography Objectives, Cryptographic Definitions, Use of Secret Keys, Symmetric Cryptography, Cryptography Uses, Scytale Cipher, Historical Uses of Symmetric Cryptography, Substitution Cipher, and more.

In this module, the areas that are covered are Asymmetric Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography Advantages, Asymmetric Algorithm Disadvantages, Symmetric versus Asymmetric, Asymmetric, Asymmetric Algorithm – Diffie-Hellman, RSA, El Gamal and ECC, and more.

In the respective module, you get to learn about Network Topologies – Mesh, Summary of Topologies, LAN Media Access Technologies, Transmission Types, Media Access Technologies, Synchronous and Asynchronous, Analog and Digital, Broadband and Baseband, and more.

You get to learn Private Branch Exchange, PBX Vulnerabilities, PBX Best Practices, Virtual Private Network Technologies, What Is a Tunnelling Protocol?, Tunnelling Protocols – PPTP, Tunnelling Protocols – L2TP, Tunnelling Protocols – IPSec, IPSec – Network Layer Protection, and more in this respective module.

You get to learn Private Branch Exchange, PBX Vulnerabilities, PBX Best Practices, Virtual Private Network Technologies, What Is a Tunnelling Protocol?, Tunnelling Protocols – PPTP, Tunnelling Protocols – L2TP, Tunnelling Protocols – IPSec, IPSec – Network Layer Protection, and more in this respective module.

In this segment, you get to learn ESA Definition, Architecture, Architecture Components, Key Architecture Concepts – Plan, Objectives of Security Architecture, Technology Domain Modeling, Integrated Security is Designed Security, Security by Design, Architectural Models, and more.

This segment of the CISSO training program covers Device vs. Software Security, Trend of Dealing with Security, Implementing Security Facilities, The Objective, Security of Embedded Systems, Development Methodologies, Maturity Models, and a lot more.

In this domain, you get to learn more about Database Model, Database Models – Hierarchical, Database Models – Distributed, Database Models – Relational, Database Systems, Database Models – Relational Components, Foreign Key, Database Component, Database Security Mechanisms, and more.

Pursuing this segment, you get to learn more about aspects related to Malware, viruses, More Malware, Rootkits and Backdoors, DDoS Attack Types, Escalation of Privilege, DDoS Issues, and more.

This module of Business continuity covers attributes like Phases of Plan, Pieces of the BCP, BCP Development, Understanding the Organization, Critical products and services, and a lot more.

In this module, various lessons related to disaster recovery are covered that include Executive Succession Planning, Proper Planning, Preventive Measures, Preventing a Disaster, Disk Shadowing, Backup/Redundancy Options, Backing Up Over Telecommunication Serial Lines, SAN, HSM, and more.

This module of CISSO Training helps you learn about the aspects related to Seriousness of Computer Crimes, Ethics, Incidents, Incident Response Capability, Incident Management Priorities, Incident Management Requires, Types of Law, Incident Response Phases, and many more.

In the respective module, you get to study Physical Security – Threats, Different Types of Threats & Planning, Facility Site Selection, Facility Construction, Devices Will Fail, Controlling Access, Possible Threats, and many others.

CISSO Certification Exam Information

In order to earn the information system security officer certification, every applicant must pass the exam covering all 5 domains, regardless of experience in each domain.

  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Number of questions: 150
  • Question format: Multiple Choice
  • Passing score: 60% to 85% depending upon the exam form

Cisso certification exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions administered over a two-and-a-half-hour period. The questions on the exam require extensive thought and evaluation.

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Online Training Class

Additionally, prepared video sessions are an option that is accessible at any time from any specific location.


Corporate Training

Employ a preferred trainer at your workplace at your desired time slots to effectively train your staff.

CISSO Certification Course Objectives

Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

  • Giving an in-depth understanding of the five vital information system security officer certification domains.
  • Offering a practical understanding of applying IS management values from a top-management perspective.
  • Helping candidates get prepared to pass the exam in the first attempt.
  • Making it possible for the managers to move to the top-executive level.
  • Providing knowledge regarding the navigation through day-to-day responsibilities of a CISSO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs below and get all the queries resolved regarding the CISSO Certification and Training Program:

As the person within an organization responsible for establishing, maintaining, and assessing enterprise security policies, strategies, and programs, the officer (CISO) is responsible for ensuring assets and technologies will remain secure and protected. CISOs direct staff to identify, develop, implement, and maintain processes throughout an organization to reduce risks associated with information and information technology (IT). Response to incidents, the establishment of standards, and controls, management of technologies, and setting up of policies and procedures are all responsibilities of these professionals.

In the competitive ranks of senior information security professionals, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors by earning the certification. With CISSO certification, you will be able to demonstrate to your employers that you possess the knowledge and experience necessary to plan and manage Information Security across the enterprise.

These CISO domains are covered by : • Administration (Policy, Compliance, and Legal) • Management of IS projects and technology (operations, technology, and management). • Project and Operational Management • Cybersecurity Core Competencies. • Plans and Finances

Annual Salary Potential- $83,169 Median/year

This certified individual should be able to acquire necessary resources, perform risk assessments, collaborate with stakeholders, identify cybersecurity problems, manage threats, define or implement policies, and drive compliance activities to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure within an information security environment. You will have access to various training courses and seminars on cybersecurity trends and innovations shared and conducted by Mile2. In addition, tuition covers the industry’s most robust list of features, including the Mile2 CISSO Student Kit, exam review and study guide, practice questions, post-class access to live online virtual exam sessions, and exam vouchers that students can use to complete the exam on the last day of our official Certified Information Systems Security Officer Training (CISSO) certification course. The standard cost of the exam is USD 550.

Candidates must be 18 years or older to participate in the training and take the exam. Unless the candidate provides the accredited training center with written consent from their parent or legal guardian, and a supporting letter from their institution of higher learning, candidates under the age of 18 can’t attend official training or attempt the certification exam. Applicants must be from national institutions of higher education.

The CISSO training program is basically for the below-mentioned personalities to enhance their career outcome:
• IS Security Officers
• IS Managers
• Risk Managers
• Auditors
• Information Systems Owners
• IS Control Assessors
• System Managers
• Government Employees

You can enroll for this No 1 CISSO Certification program by reaching out to experts at Securium Solutions. After this, you need to select the scheduled date that fits conveniently. You can then make your payment and get started with your course with ease online.

CISSO Certification has been designed to help one learn how to address different cybersecurity risks and threats. It helps one learn how to provide a secure environment with the use of widely recognized IS standards. It helps organizations curb any kind of security-related issues with experts taking care of it.