Certified SOC Analyst Training Course – CSA

Certified SOC Analyst Training will help you learn to acknowledge, track and assess cyber-attacks, and use the data to quickly respond to security-related issues. With the SOC analyst certification course, you’ll get the required skill-set to work efficiently as a certified SOC expert. It helps you get a proper understanding of security information and event management (SIEM), architecture, and deployment. Reach out to Securium Academy and learn to manage network security operations in the best possible way!

SOC Analyst Training Highlights

  • SOC Operations fundamentals
  • Log Management and Correlation
  • SIEM Deployment
  • Incident Detection and Response Techniques
  • Incident Response Methodologies
  • Enhanced Threat Detection
  • Detection using Threat Intelligence

Certified SOC Analyst Course Description

The Certified SOC analyst training is intended for Tier I and Tier II analysts, enabling them to use entry-level and intermediate techniques to achieve proficiency. In this course, candidates are taught by the industry’s most experienced trainers to acquire trending and in-demand technical skills such as understanding and detailed knowledge of security threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, attacker’s behaviors, cyber kill chain, etc.

Pursuing SOC analyst training helps you avail in-demand SOC procedures, processes, and workflows. Being an intense program, it precisely covers the fundamentals of all the SOC operations and also relays the knowledge of log correlation and management, advanced incident detection, SIEM deployment, incident response, and a lot more.

During this intensive certified SOC analyst course, participants are taken through SIEM deployment, advanced incident detection, and incident response. The candidate will also be trained in managing SOC Operations and collaborating with CSIRT when needed.

We have the best facilities in place to assist you to clear the course and also have an excellent career ahead. All you have to do is to connect and register with our SOC training and get experts at your service to guide you through it and help you get well-prepared for your exams. If you are still thinking, we have the answers to help you out to know more about it click here: what is a soc (security operation center)

Below mentioned are a few of the reasons why you should consider your SOC Analyst Training with Securium Academy:

With us, you get options to pursue your course of study. It helps you choose between online EC-Council CSA courses to residential classroom-based approach. 
With the assistance of our course, you can get EC-Council CSA certified in a matter of 2 days. Not only this, you can get CSA trained in a very quick time as well.
With us, you get chances to pursue your course in different learning styles at your convenience. This helps you understand the concepts a lot quicker than you can think of.
Registering with EC-Council CSA, you get to pursue the course with the best in the business. We are working with the best training experts to help you get a proper hold of the subject.

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SOC Analyst Course Objectives

Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of processes, technologies, and workflows.
  • Learn about security threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, attackers’ tactics, and cyber kill chain, among other topics.
  • To identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) by recognizing the attacker’s tools, tactics, and procedures.
  • Monitoring and analyse logs and alerts using Perimeter security devices(IDS/IPS)
  • Gain a better understanding of how Centralized Log Management (CLM) works.
  • Performs collection, monitoring, and analysis of security events and logs.
  • Learn how to manage and analyze data in the context of security.
  • You will develop an understanding of SIEM solutions (Splunk/AlienVault/OSSIM/ELK).
  • Implementation and fine tuning of SIEM Solutions
  • Develop a SIEM use case by gaining hands-on experience.
  • Capable of developing threat cases (correlation rules), creating reports, etc.
  • Find out which SIEM deployment use cases are the most common.
  • Monitoring and analysis of threats in the enterprise which must be planned, organised, and performed.
  • Analyze security threats and monitor emerging threats.
  • Learn how to triage alerts on the job.
  • Ensure appropriate teams are notified of incidents for additional assistance.
  • An understanding of Service Desk ticketing systems.
  • A good analyst is capable of preparing briefings and reports about the methodology and results of the analysis.
  • Understanding how threat intelligence can be integrated into SIEMs to enhance detection and response to incidents.
  • Use information on threats that are constantly changing, varied, and diverse.
  • Learn how to deal with incidents.
  • Acquire a better understanding of SOC and IRT collaborations.

Certified SOC Analyst Exam Information

Candidates are tested on their competency in the duties of a Certified SOC Analyst through the CSA exam. By doing so, they will demonstrate their complete understanding of a complete SOC process.

  • Exam Code: 312-39
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Test Duration: 3 Hours
  • Passing Percentage: 70%
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice

Certified SOC Analyst Training (CSA) and membership privileges are available for those who pass the exam with a 70% or higher score. EC-Council requires its members to adhere to the Continuing Education Requirements to maintain their SOC analyst certification

Choose the Learning Mode that You Prefer.


Online Training Class

Additionally, prepared video sessions are an option that is accessible at any time from any specific location.


Corporate Training

Employ a preferred trainer at your workplace at your desired time slots to effectively train your staff.

Certified SOC Analyst Course Content

We cover all the aspects related to Certified SOC Analyst Training so that you can gain an understanding of different concepts that can help you crack the exams without any hassle. With us, you don’t have to worry about the charges as well. We are highly acclaimed in the business when it comes to providing Certified SOC Analyst courses at such low rates.Take a look at what we have covered in our Certified SOC Analyst Course content:

In this module of the SOC Analyst certification program, you get to learn about SOC Fundamentals, Components of SOC, and many other aspects related to Security management and operations.
In this module, you get to learn more about the aspects related to Cyber Threats and Attacks, Network Level Attacks, Host Level Attacks, Application-Level Attacks, Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), Attacker’s Hacking Methodology, and many more prospects related to cyberattacks
This module of the SOC Analyst certification program helps you get a complete understanding of the Fundamentals of Incidents, Events, and Logging, Concepts of Local Logging, Concepts of Centralized Logging, and a lot more.
While pursuing the respective module of the SOC Analyst training program, you get to understand the basic prospects of Security Information and Event Management, SIEM Solutions, SIEM Deployment, Application Level Incident Detection, Insider Incident Detection, Network Level Incident Detection, Host Level Incident Detection, Compliance, and more.
In this module of the program, you get proper knowledge about Threat Intelligence, Types of Threat Intelligence, Threat Intelligence Strategy Development, Threat Intelligence Sources, Threat Intelligence Platform, and a lot more.
This SOC Analyst course module can assist you to learn more about the aspects that involve the fundamental concepts of incident response, Incident Response Process, Network Security Incidents, Application Security Incidents, Email Security Incidents, Insider Incidents, and a lot more.
The Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) training course is a comprehensive program that equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively monitor and respond to security incidents within a Security Operations Center (SOC) environment.
Yes, the certified SOC analyst course is designed to cater to participants with varying levels of experience. While some familiarity with networking and cybersecurity basics is helpful, beginners can still benefit from the course’s comprehensive approach and hands-on training.
The primary objectives of the CSA training course in India are to equip participants with the necessary skills to proactively identify and respond to security incidents, effectively analyze security data, and implement best practices within a SOC environment.
Absolutely! The CSA certification can open doors to advanced roles in cybersecurity, such as SOC Manager, Security Analyst Lead, or Incident Response Team Lead, depending on your experience and expertise.
Absolutely! The CND V2 certification course is regularly updated to include the latest industry trends, emerging cyber threats, and best practices in network defense.
Yes, the CSA training course often covers threat intelligence concepts and its vital role in enhancing SOC operations, including how to leverage threat intelligence feeds for proactive defense.
CSA training course in UAE covers a wide range of topics, including SOC fundamentals, threat intelligence, incident management, log management, network traffic analysis, and security event correlation.
The CSA training course is ideal for security professionals, SOC analysts, network administrators, and anyone involved in security operations seeking to enhance their incident handling and response capabilities.
Upon completing the training, participants will gain skills in threat detection, incident analysis, security monitoring, threat hunting, and effective incident response methodologies
Yes, the CSA course content is regularly updated to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape, ensuring participants are equipped with relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

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