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Write For Us – Cybersecurity Guestpost
Write For Us – Cybersecurity Guestpost
Write For Us – Cybersecurity Guestpost
Write For Us – Cybersecurity Guestpost

WELCOME Contributors! We give a space for people to produce valuable Cybersecurity content. You may utilize our platform to share your thoughts and ideas with a bigger audience. We direct your writing zeal in the right direction. So, instead of being concerned, become more enthusiastic about your task. Write something informative about cybersecurity and send it to us right now.

Here are the guestposting guidelines that you must follow.

  • One image is required. The author must submit one cover image for the article; however, if the article requires multiple images, the author may also provide them. The banner image must be 1200*800 in size. Verify that the image is not copyrighted.
  • Content length should be close to 1000 words.
  • Content should be 100% unique, with no plagiarism allowed.
  • Proper use of headings and subheadings in the Article
  • Your Article should have a minimum of 3 internal links.
  • You are allowed only for 1 External link in the Author Bio Section. If you want a do-follow link in the article body, contact us at We like to mention that we do not charge any fee for guest posting.
  • The Article must end up with a conclusion.
  • Your Article must be related to our categories (Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, Pen-Testing, Android security, iOS Security, Information Security, Windows, How-To, Android, iOS, Internet Security and Cybercrime etc.)

Why write for Securium Academy.

  • If you start writing for our website, we will assist your company in gaining massive exposure.
  • This will aid in the development of relationships with the targeted audience.
  • We are on social media and will share your article there as well.

How to submit your content?

Email your content to with the mentioned guidelines. When it comes to the Article, make sure the file is in Word, DOCX, or OTD format and close to 1000 words. 

What are we looking for in a Guest Post Submission?


If you wish to publish your article, it must be completely original and not plagiarised. This is a basic necessity; however, you must write for people, not search engines. Please proofread your content for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting it. Only original content is accepted by us, and each article is double-checked. Anything that has already been published elsewhere will not be accepted. After we post your piece, you may share it on social media and bookmarking sites, and you may include a link back to the article on our website. If we discover a violation of this, we will remove your article from publication.


If you wish to write for us, your article must be close to 1000 words long. More than 1000 words are always appreciated; add some value for readers to pique their interest in your work. It is a competitive world, and people like information that helps them in real life, which you can provide in your writing.

When writing for us, keep our target audience in mind. They are highly educated, executive-level, and well-paid professionals. So, instead of merely writing the post, show them your competitive advantage.

Consider the following if you wish to “write for us.”

After submitting, we have the full right to replicate, share, assign, modify, delete and/or use this content in any style or manner over any channel that may be electronic or not, that we consider obligatory. You will not be able to claim ownership of the article once it has been published.

You understand and agree that you do not have the right to reuse, republish, change, share, update, or replicate the submitted post on any other platform after submitting it.

Self-promoting content will not be published.
We don’t allow self-promoting articles and any article that is self-promoting will not be published.

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